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Documentary Film Reviews

Please answer the following questions in each film review

-Homecoming: A Film By Beyonc” (2019) Beyonc’s creative process and community building for her Coachella concert following her pregnancy and birth of twins. (Netflix)

Chasing Coral (2017) Directed/Produced by Jeff Orlowski and Larissa Rhodes (on Netflix) Documentary exploring disappearing coral reefs and the hope for their recovery

1. Film trailer and link to the film’s website.

2. What important social issue question does this documentary ask and what type of storytelling does it employ to answer it? (2 paragraphs)

3. What new story is revealed in this film, and what revelations have emerged from it to impact popular discourse? (2 paragraphs)

4. How did this documentary expand the reputation of the subject, and how did it serve to further the spotlight on a key social change issue? (2 paragraphs)

5. Add interview clips, images, hotlinks and/or quotes from reviews.


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