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does shakespeare’s portrayl of his powerful women like in the merchant of venice can make us believe he was a feminist?

this is an ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY  on shakespeare’s play the merchant of venice.. i want to get as close as possible to proving that he did have feminist views according to how he portrayed his female characters..theoretical framing is needed with two essays (c.l barber and belsey)i will provide secondary sources that may be helpful,, i did start on one but got stuck and have many comments from my proffesor on what needs to be fixed and focused on  i would like for you to go over it see if i have anything useful to include it in the final essay, please do not create a new argument work on the same field and revise it and add to it if needed and if you know any other secondary sources that may be more helpful please do not hesitate to add them besides what i have attached… i need to have an excellent essay to pass this year! thank you so very much.


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