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Draft and Analysis TS8535

Draft and Analysis


Further analyze research in system and application security protection mechanisms. Then evaluate best practices in system and application security. Combine your topic definition, literature review, and methodology work into a draft of your project.

Submit an 810 page draft of your project. Your draft should meet the following requirements:

The introduction contains a concise thesis and organizational plan, including only what is necessary to present the thesis and plan of the paper.
The body of the paper relates to the thesis, is adequately developed, and is logically structured.
Primary and secondary sources are integrated only as necessary to develop your argument.
The following elements are included:
An assessment on how the data in your research would be analyzed.
An analysis of which software tools and tests can be used.
An analysis of the benefits and costs of system and application security.
An analysis of emerging research in system and application security protection mechanisms. 
Quotations are properly integrated and concise, relating only what is necessary to make a point.
Evaluative information is presented logically, adhering to APA and course specifications and relating clearly to your thesis or argument.
The conclusion is concise and effectively includes one or more of the following:
Synthesis of information.
Course of action.
Broader implications.
Significance of the study.
Connections to related issues.
Literature is properly cited and referenced in current APA format.
Review the specific documents from your program on research methodology.

Your writing should demonstrate critical-thinking skills, a writing style in which sentences are clear, concise, and direct, and provide a well-supported analysis using appropriately formatted references. Refer to the helpful links in Resources as you prepare your draft. Submit your draft to Smarthinking for writing feedback.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Number of resources: At least 30 current scholarly or professional resources, which you will have accumulated throughout the course.
Length: 810 double-spaced pages of content plus title and reference pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point


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