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early childhood memory

Your assignment is to write 400 to 600 or more words describing a location and time that is vivid in your memory, just as E.B. White describes visiting the lake with his son. This is a descriptive essay, but you, like White, may wish to use a narrative (a story) to tie it all together.

Think of this as a snapshot of an early childhood memory, using as many sensory details as possible. Please dont concentrate only on vision in fact, try writing the essay without using ANY visual detail at first. This will force you to think about your other senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing. This is not a story think of it like a photograph, a moment in time. It may be a few minutes or an hour or so of your life; try to select a concise, select time period. Think like a movie director: select one scene only try not to jump around unless its essential to set up a scene. (In  E.B. Whites Once More to the Lake, he describes multiple scenes, but Im just asking you to select one).

Your introduction should set the scene in a brief but helpful manner. See E.B Whites example. Where and when does your memory take place? In the hot summer of 2010, camping in Florida? In your grandmas house in the 1990s? In your treehouse when you were in fifth grade?

You should have a separate paragraph for your CONCLUSION, which tells us the lesson of your essay. Your conclusion may be, for example, a commentary on why you think this memory sticks out in your mind, or a general commentary on why you think childhood memories are so powerful. Think of a conclusion as a so what? statement a lesson that we learn after reading your essay.

This is as close to creative writing as well get in this class, and most students enjoy this assignment. However, I am still looking for your best writing and your best organization. In general, a typo, error, or grammatical mistake will cost you one point off the 100 point total for the paper.


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