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Earthlings Film

Be sure to frame your reactions and summarize  using SPECIFIC scenes/evidence from the film.  DO NOT MAKE GENERAL STATEMENTS HERE as it will be reflected in your grade.  Rem,ember, you are demonstrating to me that you watched the film.  Please note the film is divided in 6 parts – please make sure you refer to specific scene in the film from all parts  – Introduction, then 5 parts: Pets, Food, Clothes, Entertainment and Science.  Please separate your paper into these sections and address them.

Be sure to also address the following:

a. Did your opinions or feelings change, or were they affirmed, as a result of viewing this film?  Explain.

What specific aspect(s) of the film caused this shift in you or validation?

b. How did you know whether the information presented was accurate and current?

c. Were opinions presented as fact? Were they supported by evidence? How?

d. Were any perspectives missing?

e. Was there any bias in the film?  If there was bias, was it hidden or obvious?

f. Would you consider this film controversial, and if so, why?

h. Were all the issues discussed in the film presented with care and respect?


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