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Easy 150-200 Words Two Questions

  1. It is always interesting to begin firewall/security classes by asking everyone how secure is your PC/Network. 
    • What measures do you currently use to protect your PC/Network?
    • What Anti-Virus do you use?  Why did you choose this A/V?  What features do you like about your A/V?   Is there anything you dislike about your A/V?
    • Do you have a Firewall?  If you do have a firewall, please identify and describe it.
    • Do you use secure passwords?  What requirements do you use when creating a password?  Do you use any tricks to remember your password?
    • 2. What are some steps you could take to identify possible future threats on your home network?  What are some things you could change or implement to improve your protection from threats on your home network today?  On your mobile device?  On your public use of computers?

Copy and Paste Questions:

Clearly and Thoroughly Answer the Questions each with at least 1 reference. (TOTAL OF TWO SEPARATE REFERENCES, ONE UNDER EACH QUESTION)

Remember:  Your answers need to be complete and thorough using proper spelling and grammar. 



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