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Edmund’s Article on Employers asking for Facebook password

This short essay will be composed of two paragraphs focused on a critical analysis of Edmond’s essay.  Follow the outline below when writing.  You may quote from the essay if you wish, but you will need to make sure that citations are present and correct.

Your first paragraph will focus on critically analyzing Edmond’s argument.  Start by asking a question you had concerning his argument.  Then use this question to analyze and discuss what Edmond’s  argument is and what purpose he wants this to accomplish. 
Your second paragraph will focus on critically analyzing the content of Edmond’s essay.  Look at how he constructs his argument, how he supports it, or the methods or styles he uses.  Use these ideas to identify what audience he is trying to reach and how these tactics are meant to appeal to that audience.
This will be your first  short writing assignment.  These are shorter formal writings that will be used to examine the smaller topics of the class and hep you to get used to the writing styles used for the semester.  Follow the instructions you find in these assignments and especially pay attention to the word count, the number of paragraphs you need to write, and what should be covered in each paragraph.

This will be a short essay response of 300-500 words and must confirm to the following format.  This will typed on a Word document and conform to MLA formatting.


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