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Educating 21st Century Students

The 21st Century presents a unique challenge for educators seeking to prepare students for an unknown and changing future. Consider the following quotes prior to posting a response to the discussion board.

“Today, every single one of us is a ‘Global Citizen’, whether we are conscious of it or not. Global inter-dependence happens every day. We rely on countless different people from all over the world for the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the technology we use. Our daily lives are constantly affected by what people on the other side of the planet are doing!”                                    -Anonymous-

“In the end we conserve only what we love.  We love only what we understand.  We understand only what we are taught.”      -Baba Diuom, 1968-

How does our current educational system address this idea of global interconnectedness ? Think about your own schema?  Do you have a schema for “global mindset? What thoughts or questions do the above quotes bring to mind?


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