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You have been brought in as a consultant to a start-up business called Charge-Your-Car (CYC). CYC designs, manufactures and distributes electric car charging stations. CYC is well-funded through private equity but does not have unlimited funds; the business is expected to make a profit relatively quickly. While the shareholders are prepared to look at acquisitions and other structural changes, most growth should be organic through sales. This company is based in the United Kingdom.

CYC has developed an innovative way to charge electric vehicles (eg Tesla, BMW i3) slightly more quickly than current methods. This is a minor improvement, but the technology is unique. CYC has also created an app that enables the user to manage the cost, charging time and other functions remotely from their smartphone.

Your role is to produce a sales and business development strategy for CYC. You should consider:

-Strategic partnerships
-Business purchasers
-Consumer purchasers
-Key sales propositions
-Competitive threats
-Any required product innovations (in brief)
-Top two priorities for CYC – what should they do first


-CYC is not a real business
-You may make reasonable, stated assumptions about CYC.
-See (Links to an external site.) for some US-related data


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