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Embalming microbiology

The Assignment  You’ve worked with your group through this entire term, and for this assignment, you will actually be working on your own. Group dynamics can be wonderful or challenging, depending on the group. This is an opportunity for you to evaluate the group as a whole.

1) List each of the group members, and rate their work and participation on a scale from 1-5, with 1 being “the individual did not participate or contribute to the work at all” and 5 being “The individual went above and beyond in terms of participation and contribution”. If you have a neutral opinion, please select “3”. An average of all of these scores will be part of each group member’s grade for this assignment.

2) What were some items you learned from working in a group this term, and what professional skills do you think you will take away from this experience?

3) If you could change anything about the way the groups are managed, what would it be?
The names in the group is Olivia and Esther. I will rate them both a 5


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