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Embalming microbiology

Respond to the following discussion question for this module: Molds, yeasts, and many types of fungi can be the bane of an embalmer’s existence. Discuss some of the conditions that can lead to overgrowth of these organisms, and what the embalmer can do to control them.
First person respond to is Fungi can be a major problem for the embalmer because they don’t have chlorophyll and don’t require sunlight to live. Fungi love dark cold places which makes the refrigeration unit a primary place to grow. Fungi can also form spores that can only be killed by sporicide. The most effective way for an embalmer to defend against harmful organisms is to use all kinds of disinfectant to clean and sanitize all areas of the workroom. Wearing Personal protective gear for every case and being sure that you are safe and the prep room is clean is the most vital thing an embalmer can do.
Second person to respond to  There are many factors that contribute to the overgrowth of molds, yeasts and various types of fungi.  Some of the most common contributing factors are moisture, temperature, and light.  The aforementioned organisms thrive in cold, wet and dark areas such as in storage coolers or the like.  The challenge for an embalmer in controlling these organisms in the preparation room is the practice of continuous cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing where possible.  This practice should also include embalming instruments and other equipment utilized for the embalming process, and the preparation of the body


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