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Emotional Incest, Parental Alienation Syndrome, Covert Incest, Enmeshment

Use critical thinking skills to uncover questions about social structures, policy enactment, enforcement efforts, and cultural expectations that may promote or discourage family violence.  How might society prevent or reduce a chosen form of violence?  What are the challenges to professionals in the field?  Paraphrase and cite at least 5 recent peer reviewed journal articles/books in the text of the paper/presentation and in the bibliography.  Journal and book references are ideal, newspaper articles are good for recent information, websites for government documents and official organizations are more reputable than information found on random internet websites.  For internet sources you must indicate the organization or government office producing the document, the author, title, and a short simplified web address (not a long string of cyber lingo).  In addition, personal interviews of victims, perpetrators or service providers could add an interesting case study to the projectcite those in addition to the 5 peer-reviewed academic sources.  The Salari FVALC book could be included, but do not count our class readings as one of the 5 researched sources.  Remember, your counterparts may be using more than 5 sources. REQUIRED:  Students must produce original research for this topic–NO RETREADSpapers handed in elsewhere, borrowed work, plagiarism of published studies, etc.


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