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English Composition II

Write a 500 word Evaluation Essay .  

A Memoir about the Impact of a Teacher:  For this essay, you need to write about a teacher who made the greatest impact on you as a student, and as a person. Please note: you need to evaluate what the teacher did that made a difference in your life, and then describe how this teacher impacted your life.

You must choose the essay option I have provided for this assignment . If you submit an essay that does not respond to one of the prompts, your essay will not be accepted as an appropriate response to this writing assignment; instead, you will be asked to write another essay that does respond to the prompt you were assigned. 



TITLE: The title should reflect the main idea of the essay. The title should be concise and interesting. 

PARAGRAPH 1: Introduction 

The essays introduction should consist of a minimum of five sentences. The introductory paragraph should begin with a general statement that reflects the essays topic. The paragraph will likely include transitional sentences or background information sentences that will then lead the reader into the writers purpose the thesis statement. The thesis statement is what the writer will prove throughout his/her essay in the body paragraphs. The thesis should include a plan of development; it should consist of the writers position on the paper topic and the three points the writer will describe in the essays body to prove his/her position (Thesis example: The hiking trip was a disaster because (1) it rained the whole time, (2) we lost our camping equipment, (3) and our guide broke his leg.)


Each of the body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence. If the writer has used the three point thesis model, writing each body paragraphs topic sentence should be easy. The first body paragraphs topic sentence, for example, should reflect the first point in the thesis statement (refer to the above thesis example i.e. The torrential rains ruined the trip.). It then becomes the writers task to develop and support the point these are your body paragraphs supporting sentences. Once the writer effectively illustrates the first point, he/she will then proceed to the second point and follow the same guidelines for paragraph development (point two will introduce body paragraph two, and point three will introduce paragraph three). 

PARAGRAPH 5: The Conclusion

In this paragraph, the writers task is to complete the essay. The function of the conclusion is to provide closure for the reader. The writer will remind the reader of his/her thesis by reviewing the points made in the essays body (Note: be careful not to restate the points exactly). To close the last paragraph, the writer may include his/her final perspective on the essays topic. 


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