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English Discussion


After reading “The Undercover Parent” ( ) (Chapter 1 – From Critical Thinking to Argument) complete the following:

  1. Write your own brief letter to the editor indicating your reasons for supporting or rejecting Croben’s argument.
  2. In the subject line of your post, indicate your position – Pro Spyware or Con Spyware.
  3. Respond to a classmate who does not agree with your position. Explain why you disagree and offer a different point of view.

In order to earn the full points  for this assignment, you must:

  • Directly and completely answer the question.
  • Clearly and accurately explain your answer based on factual information.
  • Include examples, quotes and/or paraphrases in your answer.
  • Compose a unified paragraph using effective sentence structure, word choice, and grammatical correctness.
  • Respond to another student’s post explaining the reason for your agreement or disagreement. 


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