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Environmental Pollution

– Your analysis in a current environmental affairs topic of your choice in the form of short report containing at least one question and response/explanation with proper citation

– identifying  current  environmental affairs  topic  of  your  choice  and  writing  a  short  analysis  explaining  why  that  is important  to  you.

– Caution: You cannot simply report for a work that has been already done by you or others. Your  job  is  to  pick  up  an  issue,  understand  it,  and  add  more  to  it  with  some concrete  recommendations.  The  kind  of  recommendations  you  will  make  will provide  your  professor  information  about  your  ability  to  enhance  existing knowledge in a topic and build more to it. In order to pass this course successfully, it is important that you complete the assignment.


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