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ESG strategy implementation in HK Listed firms

The assignment is to prepare the research proposal for the bigger research project.

1. Assignment brief – as it’s only a group project, I only need you to write up to 2000 words with a focus on research methodology and sampling, you might skip the literature review if you see fit.
2. Research Topic Abstract – our research is related to how ESG strategy implements performance and ultimately give some areas of improvement to the regulator on policies changes.
3. A sample proposal provided by the school
4-5. Relevant rules and regulation provided by the HK Stock Exchange

Expected deliverables.
As states in the abstract, our research methodology is to study the listed company annual report or public disclosure to identify any potential gaps/trends/shortfall of their ESG performance. Then, we might circulate a survey to selected company management to ask their feedback and opinions to support our conclusion.
To archive a proper sampling representation, we tend to study around 100 listed companys public data on this research; those companies should be in various industry/sectors. Please help determine the sampling approach.
In the proposal, I’m expecting an evaluation mechanism on how we should assess the companys ESG performance. And a question list of the survey.


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