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essay 1

Describe the three proposals which were debated at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. An in-depth analysis should be conducted to describe the specific details of the three plans: Virginia, New Jersey, and the Connecticut Compromise (Section 2.2).

Please out our textbook has limited information and details about these three plans. Therefore, it is recommended student conduct research online to add more details to your essay.

Please note your assignment should be written in an essay format (introduction, body, and conclusion). Remember, it is always better to include more details in your essay, rather than less. Your essay structure should be written as follows;

Paragraph 1 Introduction (Create a roadmap for the reader. Introduce the areas which you will be writing about).

Paragraph 2 Details of the New Jersey Plan (small state plan).

Paragraph 3 Details of the Virginia Plan (large state plan).

Paragraph 4 Details of the Connecticut Compromise

Paragraph 5 Closing/Summary recap of what you have written.


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