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Essay #3

Essay #3

Weekly Essay These should answer the inquiry by incorporating the weeks work in your own words. No quotes. No paraphrasing. All in your own words and turned in to the proper assignment slot in CANVAS. Use a basic 5 paragraph essay style, support your points with data and critical thinking.  No late submissions. No makeups. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE .doc, .docx, OR .pdf  OR it is a zero (0), no extensions/no resubmissions for wrong file format.

EVERYTHING SUBMITTED IS RUN THROUGH TURNITIN.COM and any score > 30% is a 0 (zero) non-negotiable. I allow 30%, which is twice what the college allows at 15%, to account for inclusion of my essay topic (which will pop for plagiarism). If you do not include the essay topic, you will lose formatting points AND be held to 15% plagiarism check.

This week’s topic:

Tell the story of the intertwined paths of your favorite Thanksgiving Day food from mouth to cell and oxygen from air to cell (remember they intersect at cellular respiration)


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