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Essay Compare And Contrast Politics And Sport Events Or Religion And Sport Events

Using the CSU Online Library, locate two selections on sports and political events or two selections on sports and religious events. Depending on the event you have chosen (sports/politics or sports/religion), ensure there are two opposing viewpoints (similarities and differences) to review. Write a two-page report summarizing the piece and identifying the similarities and differences. Below are some possible ideas to compare and contrast: 

Who was involved?

What were the key points/arguments?

Were these points valid and/or logical?

How did politics/religion play a role?

What was the outcome?

Did the outcome involve issues of money and power?

How did this affect sports?

Did the decision lead to better management of sport or sport play? If so, in what way?

Which views do you support? Why?

Which views do you refute? Why?

You will be expected to follow APA style and format for this paper (typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and page headers). Include the following parts:

Title page – Include the assignment title, Columbia Southern University, and your name.

Introduction – Provide a brief Introduction of your selections and the connection to this chapters topic.

Section comparing and contrasting 1st selection (Similarities/Differences) 

Section comparing and contrasting 2nd selection (Similarities/Differences)

Conclusion – Provide a brief conclusion wrapping up the elements of the selections and how they relate to the chapter topic

Reference page – Include a reference page that lists the sources in proper APA format. If you also used content from the textbook, be sure to include this as a source in your reference page, as well. It is important that you provide the reader with enough information about your article so he/she will be able to locate the article.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages, not counting title and reference pages. Use APA formatting for your paper, including all references and in-text citations. 


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