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Event reflection paper

I want you to write a 1-page summary and analysis of the event. What was the event? What did you learn from it?

The event I attended was “Honoring Black & Indigenous Resistance in Honduras: A Guest Talk with Afro-Indigenous Human Rights Defender Melissa Cardoza” .

INVITATION: In honor of Black History month, UNICA invites you to a talk by afro-indigenous Garifuna and Lenca journalist, poet, writer, and feminist organizer Melissa Cardoza who will speak on her most recent book 13 Colors of the Honduras Resistance. This event is open and free to students and community interested in learning more about the struggle of black and indigenous communities in Honduras and Central America from a feminist perspective.

ABOUT THE SPEAKR: Melissa Cardoza is a journalist, poet, writer and feminist organizer from Honduras. She is of mixed Afro-indigenous Garfuna and indigenous Lenca heritage and has worked extensively with feminist and lesbian artivist collectives throughout Latin America and the United States. In the aftermath of the coup dtat in Honduras (2009), and as part of a national network of human rights defenders, she is a vital voice in the Honduran resistance movement which includes protecting and demanding justice for women, LGBTQIA, afro-indigenous, rural, and working class Hondurans, as well as activist, journalists and other professionals that are being targeted by the current Presidential administration. Her book of poems, 13 Colores de la Resistencia Hondurea [13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance] addresses this ongoing struggle that continues to be extremely relevant and urgent. The heart of her work continues to center women, feminists and lesbians struggles represented in her wonderful childrens book Tengo una ta que no es monjita [I have an aunt who is not a nun] that lovingly and playfully assists parents in raising the social consciousness of their children (or their own) on the diversity and acceptance of genders and sexualities.

The even was held by Spanish so I needed the translator. I attach what she talked about and she also talked about her book “13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance”. I can’t provide you much information but I want you to expand these as much as possible.
For the last sentence, i want you to mention I didn’t understand Spanish so I needed the translator but her words inspired me. something like this.
Thank you!


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