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Exercise Assignment 10


Pretend that you are running a small business. Select something with a scale small and relatable (e.g. pizza place; coffee shop; small bakery) and something fun. Assume you are producing only one product (e.g. one type of pizza, one type of pastry, one type of beverage, etc.). Then consider the following:

  1. Describe the variety of inventory you will carry in stock (e.g. cheese, flour or maybe you will purchase a premade crust you decide). How much inventory will you carry (e.g. weeks or days worth of supply)?
  2. Where will you source from and how will you decide the frequency of orders (e.g. local with frequent deliveries or large distributor)? Why?
  3. Are there any other products you can produce from the inventory you have in stock? Be creative (e.g. a calzone can be made from pizza ingredients).


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