Explore Shakespeare’s Portrayal Of Women In Richard III (Gender Theme)

Explore Shakespeare’s portrayal of women in Richard III. (Gender theme)


Comprehensive analytic essay


1)Research library data bases, periodicals, books and journals for articles relating your topic.


2)Make a copy of each research page that you use (publication details too, city, publisher name, volume dates)


3)You will be incorporating both primary and secondary sources (3 minimum)


4)The research essay will be a minimum of 5 pages excluding cover and citation 


pages, it must be double spaced, with standard borders and spacing. You will use 12pt calibiri font. A style sheet is available.


5)Use Mla formatting only (page numbers and the works cited page too.)


6)Focus on the theme of the play


7)Plagiarism of any kind will result in zero.


8)Scholarly piece of work.


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