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Exploring Global Student Values With Descriptive Statistics

PROJECT 2: Exploring Global Student Values with Descriptive Statistics

For this project, we are exploring the global social values of our classmates. You will be asked to analyze three (3) different variables taken from Pew Research Centers survey on Global Attitudes and Trends (GAT) For each variable, you will need to compose a detailed statistical report, a frequency distribution (lesson 2), a graph/chart (lesson 2), a central tendency analysis (lesson 3), and a variability analysis (lesson 4). This project emphasizes learning goals and objectives 1, 2, 3, and 7 as listed in the syllabus. 

  • Download the Project 2 Guidebook here: Preview the document
    • This document contains the instructions, rubric, example, data information, and SPSS instructions needed for the project.
  • Download the Project 2 data file here: 
    • This is the data I collected from our World Values Survey. You will need to open this file in SPSS in order to analyze the data.
      • Sample: Undergraduates enrolled in Dr. Toothmans online social science statistics course (n = 94)
      • Sampling Procedure: Convenience sample taken online with offer of extra credit.
      • Target Population: Thats up to you!


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