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Exploring Theoretical Lenses

The assignment:
Choose one of the theories below, read and learn about the theory; then, write a minimum of 700 words explaining and exploring the theory you chose.

You will need to cover the following areas in your essay:
    Why did you choose this theory: what intrigued you about this school?
    Basic principles and ideologies of the theoryin your own words
    Who started this theory and other major influencers?
    How would you apply this theory to literaturein your own words
    What does this theory aim to discover / uncover in literature?

    Moral Criticism and Dramatic Construction
    New Criticism
    Neo-Aristotelian Criticism
    Psychoanalytic Criticism
    Jungian Criticism
    Marxist Criticism
    Reader-Response Criticism
    New Historicism/Cultural Studies
    Post-Colonial Criticism
    Feminist Criticism
    Gender/Queer Studies
    Critical Race Theory
    Sociological Approach

    700 words minimum
    ONE outside sources: integrated and cited properly (no more than 2 sources). Please do not use the guide I gave you from Purdue Owl as a source. Explore and find your own!
    Works cited page
    YOUR OWN LANGUAGE: Please resist the urge to copy and past from the internet when explaining theory, application of theory, history, etc. Put it into your own words, style, and language. Im looking to see that you understand this theory well enough that you could explain it to someone who has never heard or read about it before.
    Clear beginning, middle, and end: Beginningintro: HOOK, background info (maybe why you chose this theory), and thesis: what your basic understanding is of this theory. Middlebody paragraphs: several paragraphs explaining principles of the theory, major influencers / history of the theory, how you would apply this theory to literature, and what this theory hopes to accomplish in literature. Endconclusion: Reinstate main points, tie back to your hook, some major take-away. 
    MLA, typed, double spaced, 12pt font, normal margins


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