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Family Holiday Traditions Organization and Outlining

Use the outline on the upload box, Speech Outline Template.


Using the topic of Family Traditions at Holidays, generate two or three main points. Next, generate several subtopics and sub-sub topics. You could organize your speech chronologically, geographically, or around feasts or religious activities. You could compare your family traditions to someone from another culture. You could organize according to food/gifts/songs.  Whatever logical presentation helps the audience to follow your train of thought!  When we do this activity in a face-to-face class, I am always amazed at what students come up with when working in their groups!  View at least 2 of your classmate’s outlines.  Point out any corrections or non-logical subordination of points.  Give kudos for clever organization!

Use the sample outline review(Speech Outline Template) the document Preview the document for reference what your outline should look like.  This is a brief outline of supporting points. No need to go into great detail,  just provide main points and sub-points! You will upload your outline to the Discussion Board. You may introduce your outline with a brief description of how you chose to organize your speech.  Remember, this is simply an overview of a potential speech and how you would choose to organize it!

Post original response to discussion questions. This posting should be well thought out and substantial enough to get your point across and to give others material to respond to.

Content is relevant and your thoughts/ideas are developed and supported with examples


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