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FAQ On Telemedicine

Compare decision-making techniques that guide clients, healthcare professionals, and families to make educated decisions on the best course for care.
In the healthcare field today, there are a variety of ways and types of locations providers can “see” and treat patients. A fairly new concept is to provide medical treatment through a remote delivery method known as telemedicine. This new approach involves the remote delivery of clinical information using telecommunications technology, including the internet, telephone media, satellite, and wireless systems. Telemedicine can be completed through video chat, medical booths, text messaging services, and more.
Recently, a telemedicine booth opened up inside the community grocery store near Rassy Medical Center. Your patients have questions regarding the process, care, and quality of this idea. As the medical receptionist, your job is to answer patients’ questions; however, you have been spending and increasing amount of time repeatedly answering the same questions regarding the new telemedicine booth.

Create an FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheet to be displayed in your clinic to educate the patients on what telemedicine is and how it can be utilized. Your FAQ should contain a title and an organized list of questions and thorough answers. Be sure to use and list at least three relevant and credible sources.
Include these points:
What is telemedicine?
Is it safe and secure?
How does it work?
Will insurance cover it?
Is it cost effective?
Why would a patient use telemedicine instead of going to a live clinic?
For more information about telemedicine, review the following video examples:
Telemedicine Booth
Telemedicine robot and virtual office visit
Telemedicine video chat


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