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Short essay question: Analyze. You will be asked to choose 1 among 5 prompts and write at least four paragraphs. The prompt consists of a question based off a passage drawn from Victoria Bromleys chapters covered in Unit 2.

You should interpret the key elements and the overall meaning of the quote. What is the general concept in focus in the quote? What are its constituting elements? Try to make connections among the elements in the quote and your own knowledge of that particular aspect of the quote. Offer examples to illustrate your point.

Review the following concepts/ ideas in Bromley
1.    Postmodernism, Language, discourse, power, phallocentrism (92-98)
2.    Capitalism, patriarchy, individualism, equality, classical liberal feminism and its limits, socialist feminism (67-77)
3.    Radical views of womens oppression as based on the control over womens bodies, critique of the family, motherhood, romantic love, heterosexuality (77-83)
4.    Anti-racism, imperialism, Eurocentrism, universalism, exclusionary feminism, racialization, otherness, intersections of race and gender (83-88)
5.    Queering sexuality, binary systems and their demise, separation of biological sex from gender and sexuality, gender as what we do, gender neutral, identity as performance, identity and non-identity (98-104)


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