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Field Project Proposal

The requirement is to write a field project proposal, our field project is to interview someone to seek more information on the field I wish to learn more about.
I plan to interview a health instructor named Eric Purcell. He had his graduate degree at Ohio State University and has been working as a personal trainer for more than 10 years. I wish to learn more about health related issues since I am interested in the topic.

Here are some specific requirement for the interview:
1. 90 minutes
2. Elaborate on this area.
3. No student interviewees unless given specific permission
4. Remember how the environment may affect the outcome of an interview. Contact ASAP and confirm in writing your arrangements. Interviews must be face to face. No phone interviews unless approved in advance.
5. What alternative plans do you have in case there are problems?

For the proposal, please include the person(s) to be interviewed and introduce briefly; motive for selecting this interview topic and interviewee(s); time and place planned for the interview; Potential problems/ Plan B.

You don’t need to find any references for this proposal.


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