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financial Ratios and growth rates

Analyze annual financial statements for (at least) the past five years and quarterly statements for the most recent four quarters. This should include financial ratios and growth rates. . How does your firm compare to its major competitors?
Company: Chipotle and competitors Pollo Loco and Del Taco
I need to calculate the following ratios:
Internal Liquidity Ratios
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Cash Ratio
Receivables Turnover
Average Receivable Collection Period
Inventory Turnover
Average Inventory Processing Period
Payables Turnover Ratio
Payables Payment Period

Operating Efficiency Ratios
Total Asset Turnover
Net Fixed Asset Turnover
Equity Turnover

Operating Profitability Ratios
Gross Profit Margin
Operating Profit Margin
Net Profit Margin
Return on Total Capital
Return on Total Equity
Return on Owner’s Equity

The Dupont Model
Net Profit Margin
Total Asset Turnover
Equity Multiplier

The Dupont Model (extended)
Net Profit/Pretax Profit
EBT/Operating Profit
Operating Profit Margin
Total Asset Turnover
Equity Multiplier

Financial Risk
Debt/Equity Ratio
Long-Term Debt/Total Capital Ratio
Total Interest-Bearing Debt/Total Capital

Earnings Flow Ratio
Interest Coverage (EBIT/Interest)

Cash Flow Ratios
Cash Flow Coverage of Fixed Financial Costs
Cash Flow/LT Debt
Cash Flow/Total Debt Ratio


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