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Florida State Regulations for APRN prescribers

Review state regulations for APRN prescribers in the state of Florida in which you live or the state where you plan to be certified.

    Summarize which agency/agencies regulate/oversee APRN prescribing in your state.
    Summarize the educational requirements for prescribing as an APRN
    Differentiate the regulations in your current state and state(s) you are considering practicing in.
    Create an outline of the actions required to prescribe in your identified state.
    Summarize the Controlled Substances regulations in your state and the process for obtaining your DEA registration.
    Use APA format for your write up and cite any resources/evidence that you have utilized. The paper is to be 1000-1200 words, excluding title page and references.

The source material for the information needed to answer the above questions are included as an attachment.


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