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For this assignment you are asked to review a Home Office policy document:

Home Office (2010). Protecng Our Border, Protecng the Public. The UK Border Agencys Five Year
Strategy for Enforcing our Immigraon Rules and Addressing Immigraon and Cross Border Crime
(London: Home Office). Available at:

you are asked to make a
judgement on the policy put forward by the UK government in 2010. Make sure you comment
crically on the document. Idenfy the purpose, the main points, and the polical movaons
behind the policy. Then evaluate them. Think about the arcles and chapters that you have read,
what are the results of this policy? What impact has it had? Was it a good policy? A bad one? Was it
well informed? Are there any unstated assumpons in the document? Are there any addional
purposes of the policy that are not explicitly stated?
We want to know your opinion, BUT, you must always back it up with academic sources. If you think
it was a great policy, why? Who else supports this? What research has shown the posive impact of
it? If you disagree with the policy, also, why? Have any academics provided evidence of a negave
impact of it in their research? Tell us about it.

Reading list:
Who Counts as a Migrant? Definitions and their Consequences
Webpage  by The Migration Observatory  2019  Essential
Globalization & crime
Book  by Katja Franko Aas  2013  Recommended
Read Chapter 4: ‘The Deviant Immigrant’: Migration and Discourse about Crime.
‘An Inspection into the extent to which the police are identifying and flagging arrested foreign nationals to the Home Office and checking their status
Document  by Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration  2016  Essential
Frontex Risk Analysis 2019
Webpage  by Frontex  2019  Recommended
Policing Humanitarian Borderlands: Frontex, Human Rights and the Precariousness of Life in British Journal of Criminology
Article  by Katja Franko Aas; Helene O. I. Gundhus  01/2015  Recommended

Enlisting the Public in the Policing of Immigration in British Journal of Criminology
Article  by Ana Aliverti  03/2015  Recommended
Hubs and Spokes: The Transformation of the British Prison in The borders of punishment: migration, citizenship, and social exclusion
Chapter  by Emma Kaufman  Essential

still no way out – Foreign national women and trafficked women in the criminal justice system
Document  by Prison Reform Trust  2018  Recommended
Read pages 5 through 13 as minimum

Immigration Detention in the UK
Webpage  by The Migration Observatory  Essential
Can Immigration Detention Centres be Legitimate? Understanding Confinement in a Global World in The borders of punishment: migration, citizenship, and social exclusion
Chapter  by Mary Bosworth  Recommended

Inside Immigration Detention
Book  by Mary Bosworth  2014; 881438158  Recommended
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Introduction as minimum

Citizenship Deprivation, Security and Human Rights in European Journal of Migration and Law
Article  by Lucia Zedner  2016  Recommended
Interdiction and Indoctrination: The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 in The Modern Law Review
Article  by Jessie Blackbourn; Clive Walker  09/2016  Recommended


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