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Fourth Crusade

Describe how the art or text of the fourth crusade has played a role in creating the forces, values, cultures, ideas, and/or intellectual environment of the contemporary world.

Begin your essay with a brilliant exciting and engaging introduction in which you lead up to the topic and engage the audience with your topic and why that topic is important.

Arrive at an original thesis.

The essay should be a five-paragraph essay with an introduction and thesis, three evidence/support and body paragraphs with specific examples supporting your case, and a concluding paragraph.

A simple format is:

First paragraph with an intro, your thesis sentence, and a colorful example

Second paragraph proof one

Third paragraph proof two

Four paragraph proof three

Fifth paragraph a clever quote, suggestion, or new idea that challenges the reader and the status quo.

Source Requirements
Use two database sources from solid/reputable journals or books on Asian art.

Do not use encyclopedias and Wikipedia style sources.

Articles must be signed by actual authors.

An MLA style bibliography must be included.

Each source must be quoted AND paraphrased at least once substantively in the essay.


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