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Gender/Racial Differences in Treatment (Discrimination)

The reports should be at least 3 pages double-spaced, and include 2 parts:

1)    Applications
Provide examples of how the materials learned in class are applied in the real world. This could be a personal example of how the theories could be used in your everyday life, a connection to current issues, or a discussion of a related news article (such as from the Economist or the New York Times). It can be various applications of the same or different materials under the topic. Please provide details as to how the applications utilize the theories learned in class. They should be applications that have not already been given as examples in class.

Each group member should have at least one application, and each person responsible for the application should be identified in the report.

2)    Extended Knowledge
Identify question(s) that your group is curious about after learning the materials and would like to find answer(s). Then use economics search databases to find academic articles (published in academic journals) that try to answer your question(s), and briefly summarize the findings. They should be questions that have not already been given answers to in class.

Preferably the articles you find are a literature review type of article that summarizes existing research on the question and is published more recently (in the past few years). Each group member should find at least one article to summarize, and each person responsible for the article should be identified in the report.

Recommended databases to look for economics academic articles:
Recommended search engine to look for economics news articles:

Below are suggestions of what you can think about. You are by no means constrained by the suggestions provided here. Be creative and surprise me!

Topic 4: Gender/Racial Differences in Treatment (Discrimination)
For Example:
o    Personal experience of discrimination, and analyze if it was taste discrimination or statistical discrimination. 
o    Provide real-life examples of statistical discrimination, and explain why it is statistical discrimination.
o    Provide real-life examples of how employer taste discrimination is eliminated by competition.
o    Find news articles on discrimination cases, and analyze if they are taste discrimination or statistical discrimination.
      Extended Knowledge
o    Find a recent research that shows the results of Oaxaca Decomposition on gender wage gap, or racial wage gap.
o    Find a research that tries to distinguish between taste discrimination and statistical discrimination.


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