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The goal of the research assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the psychology content presented in this course.

The module writing assignment should help you meet the following course objectives:

Explore the relationship between the individual and society as it affects the personal behavior, social development and quality of life of the individual, the family and the community. (TBR # 3)
Use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena. (APA 2.1)
Take ethical stands based on appropriate research in the social and behavioral sciences. (TBR #6)
Apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice. (APA 3.1)
Demonstrate effective writing for different purposes. (APA 4.1)
Examine the impact of behavioral and social scientific research on major contemporary issues and their disciplines effects on individuals and society. (TBR #4)
Write a 1500 word (minimum) research paper. You will begin your research in module 2 and submit your paper during module 5.

Select a video and watch it in its entirety.
Begin your paper by writing a Video Summary. Your summary should be around 250 words.
Research the issues presented in the video. You will need at least 10 bibliographic references which indicate that you have investigated the issue. Your references need to be from 2014 or newer. Use the Vol State Thigpen Library’s Psychology Research Guide to find credible psychology research sources.
The second part of your paper will be an Analysis of Topic. This analysis should be 1,250 words long, at a minimum. Write your personal response regarding the issues raised in the video and the research you found. You must comment on at least 5 specific issues or quotes from the video you selected to review. Support your opinions using in-text citations of the research articles you have reviewed. You may use MLA, Chicago, or APA formatting for your in-text citations. See the format section for more information about in-text citations. Be sure to accurately cite your sources. If you quote or summarize without giving credit, it is considered “plagiarism”.
Submit a typed Word document. You can access Office 365 for free as a Vol State Student.
The paper must have 1-inch margins, use double spacing, 12 point Times New Roman Font and a reference page.
You need to have a reference/works cited page at the end of the paper. It needs to include the references for each of the 10 (or more) sources you used in your research. For a resource to be listed on the reference page, you must include it in your paper as an in-text citation. 
Include your name and the word count at the beginning of your document. Your Reference/Works Cited section is not included in the word count.
Assignment TIPS
You are to write in first-person. You may choose to use personal reflections, observations or viewpoints to discuss the subject matter.
Your reference list and in-text citations must show that you have considered at least 10 references in your response. You can reference your textbook, but it is not counted as one of your ten required resources.
Need a refresher on in-text citations? Watch this 3-minute video about in-text citations.
I want you to know it is OKAY for you to have own thoughts, but this is a research paper so you must support your opinions with credible sources. You are to provide a critical review of the topics by including credible sources to support your suggestions or conclusions.
Remember you should not immediately believe everything you view or read. In this course, you have learned about research methods. Research studies have flaws and weaknesses, use your critical thinking skills to analyze the strength of the studies you are using.
Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism using a tool called Turnitin. For more information about how to read a Turnitin Similarity report, refer to this Knowledge Base Article: Turnitin: How to Submit an Assignment

This is the video documentary we have to choose 5 issues from with 10 sources (2 sources each issue I’m assuming) plus the summary (250 words)


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