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Geoscience Goes Local (Texas)

Final project description:  Geoscience Goes Local (Texas)

Write a paper exploring a problem or challenge in Texas, that could affect or influence you in some way, and that directly relates to an Earth or environmental science topic.  You must explore your topic in several ways:  (1) through your own personal reflection, (2) through journalism articles (you must cite at least three media articles that are directly relevant to your topic. You should also suggest and explore two possible ways to solve, improve, or mitigate the problem.

The paper needs to be 1500-2000 words long; this corresponds to about 4-5 pages (12 point font, 1.5 line spacing).  No more than of the length should be a straight summary of the journalism articles; the rest should be your thoughts on the topic.

I define local community broadly:  It could be your home town or neighborhood, but could also be your state or region. However you define your community, the most important aspect is that it and the geoscience-related topic is relevant to you.


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