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Given the changing character of war, what steps should the Marine Corps take to best posture to conduct amphibious operations in the future?

Note the essay prompt has two components, both of which must be addressed in your submission. First, and primarily, you must explain how the Marine Corps should posture itself to conduct amphibious operations in the future. Second, the actions you espouse must be driven by how you foresee the impact of the changing character of war. The Maritime Operating Environment lesson provides very good insight into potential changes to the character of war that may dramatically affect amphibious operations. You are encouraged to consider not only the impacts of emerging technology, but also the realities of the future physical and political environments that will shape the character of war and therefore the Marine Corps’ amphibious approach. The historical perspective presented at the beginning of the Amphibious Foundations sub-course will also assist you in gaining a perspective on change in amphibious operations. Your argument as to steps the Marine Corps should take to prepare for the future can select from a number of different perspectives; including, doctrine, organization, training, material, leadership and education, personnel and/or facilities (DOTMLPF). Do not fall into the trap of simply listing initiatives discussed in the Marine Corps Operating Concept (MOC), the Commandants Planning Guidance, or other documents.

My thesis is as follows:

We should increase funding for the amphibious vehicles and continue to phase out the old ones because increased investment in amphibious combat vehicles (ACVs) increases our amphibious readiness as a whole and our image will improve with increased ACV funding…..

Just explain why with each point made in my thesis-expand upon each one.

Why does it increase our readiness? Why does it increase our positive image of going back to our root doctrine? etc etc


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