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Global Economic Impact of Country of Choice Initial PowerPoint

Global Economic Impact of Country of Choice Initial PowerPoint

The initial guideline is 10-14slides. Use multi-media, handouts, boards, or visual aids to enhance your presentation.

The Final guideline is 20 slides.

This is a two-part assignment. First, prepare an initial PowerPoint presentation and then continue to work on this initial PowerPoint for the final PowerPoint assignment in this class.  Remember to receive a grade students must upload their initial PowerPoint, receive feedback from the instructor, continue to research and learn more about the topics and add to this Initial PowerPoint for the final PowerPoint assignment. The purpose of the Initial PowerPoint exercise is for you to feature your initial findings.

1. Students are to individually prepare a PowerPoint of10 to 14slides. Students are to highlight how the changes in culture, politics, cross-border trade, and investment have impacted your country of choice.

The country of choice – Germany.

2. Briefly review the countrys economic history, current status, future potential impacts, both internally and globally.

3. Explain in the last slide five to seven advantages and opportunities for your country vis–vis growth, expansion, import and export opportunities, positive impact on US economy, etc.

4. Submit your Initial PowerPoint to Blackboard before midnight Monday week 5.

5. You must have at least six references to your text. The Ascent of Money video series, Wall Street Journal, relevant websites, citing using APA within your PowerPoint slides). A minimum of three academic resources should be used in the text published books or academic journal articles.

6.Submit your Final PowerPoint (which will be expanded to include all subsequent research, readings, video information

Be sure, even for this first draft, you have an introduction, an analysis, and a conclusion. The following describes how this PowerPoint will be graded. The questions and comments below are designed for you to read and consider before turning in your work.


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