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Gothic Assignment

**At this point, check out the YouTube clips I added for you in the Gothic Reading folder. Notice how they differ from other horror movies. Guillermo del Toros Crimson Peak and Jan de Bondts The Haunting are great examples of how the Gothic trend remains popular today. In those clips, you will see other characteristics which have become standard: curses, blowing curtains and banging shutters, candles unexplainedly being blown out, disembodied voices, trap doors and falling to the basement, being unable to open doors, chains, cold spots, being stranded and helpless, secret rooms, door knobs being rattled, mysteries of past events, etc.
In The Castle of Otranto, Walpole sets for readers a disturbing romance, a father-in-law who is after his daughter-in-law.  Id like you to submit an assignment where you tell me about the Gothic elements you find in this work.  Its FINE if the items are not in the lists above because there certainly are others.

For fun, watch this clip. Which Gothic elements do you see?


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