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Government Intervention

Examine a real-world case of significant government intervention as it relates to Low-income Rent Controls and Housing Vouchers within the United States.  “The Economist” or other credible sources can be used for researching articles relating to this type of government intervention.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation.  Include short bullets in the body of the slides and more details in the speaker notes.  Also include an introduction slide. 

Answer the following:

– Describe the intervention and detail its history.
– Analyze the arguments for government intervention as opposed to arguments for market-based solutions.
– Examine who may be helped and who may be hurt by the selected government intervention.
– Examine externalities and/or unintended consequences of such intervention.
– Determine the cost trend of the intervention program since its implementation including whether costs are increasing, decreasing, or vary with the state of the economy.
– Evaluate the success or failure of the intervention in achieving its objectives and develop conclusions.
– Recommend whether the program should be continued as is, discontinued, or modified and defend your recommendation.


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