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Guilty perception

In accordance with a schedule printed at the end of this document, you should prepare concise (maximum 6 double-spaced typed pages, standard margins and 12-point font size) papers which include four key elements: 1) summary and analysis (e.g., strengths & weaknesses) of a primary-source empirical article related to personality psychology that I assign, 2) tie-in between the article I assign and a concept from the assigned reading that we discuss in class, 3) relationship between the article I assign and a recent news story that you find on your own (attach a newspaper clipping to your paper), and 4) some connection of this topical area to your own life and personal interests. These elements must be enumerated in your papers. 
Basically, these papers require you to digest a study related to personality psychology and to connect it to the assigned reading, to current events, and to something about yourself. Feel free to be creative about how you meet these objectives. I expect these papers to be highly varied, colorful, thoughtful and well written. Make sure to have fun with these papers! 


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