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Write a paper in which you identify and describe 3 Smart technologies in your workplace, that you feel are of benefit or risk to both patients and nurses. Explain the benefits/risks and why you do or do not support this type of available technology. Your paper should be a minimum of three pages and written in APA format with at least two outside credible reference

The  author plans to review three smart technologies in the workplace, Automatic
Intravenous Pumps, Pneumatic Tube System and the Electronic Panels instead of Curtains
in Patients rooms. The benefits and or risks to both nurses and patients associated with the
use of the above three mentioned will be explored. Lastly, rationals on why or why not
this author does or does not support the three smart technologies identified will discussed.
Create a new paragraph for each one of the three smart technologies you have chosen. You can discuss the benefits and risks as well as why you support or do not support within each topic or you can discuss them in separate paragraphs under Benefits/Risks

Here is a guide:

Smart Tech 1
Why you support or not
Smart Tech 2
Why you support or not
Smart Tech 3
Why you support or not
Conclusion  restate your introduction, so we talked about ……
citations in your paper
A separte reference page with your citations listed alphabetically
In addition do not use personal pronouns such as I, me. we, us. Instead you can say, this author, this writer, this student or even this nurse. The group, the target audience, the patients, the clients etc.


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