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Help Improve this Course with Educational Videos

Help Improve this Course with Educational Videos-ATTITUDE THEORY CLASS

Post in the subject line of a thread in this discussion board a topic specific to this course no 2 students can do the exact same topic for this assignment so post early and before you begin working.

Find 4 short videos on TED Talks or YouTube (or another open-source) that are educational about your topic.  These videos cannot contain a ton of advertising for a company.

In a word document, titled Videos about Topic Name, post each link (the hyperlinks must work or I wont receive extra credit), a title for the video and a 4 or 5 sentence description of the video and why it is a good resource for this course (what you will learn by watching it).

Discussion Board Assignments
Minimum of 500 words in length
Must incorporate and cite the required reading
Must incorporate and cite at least 2 other sources (journal articles not books)and the required reading

Required Reading: Kraut, A. I. (1996).  Organizational surveys.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Chapter 10 is attached (power point)


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