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Research report: The Research report assignment will give you the opportunity to explore at least one topic in detail. This will sharpen your written communication skills.  You are to explore and write a report on an Immunohistochemical Procedure.  You should have at least two references.  This assignment will satisfy the writing across the curriculum requirement. Topics will be emailed.  No late papers will be accepted.  Papers should be submitted by uploading the assignment to the assignment submission folder within the course titled Research Paper Drop Box. Criteria for the report are as follows:

Written report turned in on time – 10 points
-Report should be uploaded in the drop box on or before the due date
Organization – 10 points
-Paper should be organized and presented using current grammatical guidelines
-Flow of paper is critical (i.e. start with history and proceed to current use)
-Do not write paper in one large paragraph
References Listed – 10 points
-In text citations (MLA format)
-Report includes bibliography page (MLA format)
Neatness/Presentation – 10 points
-Paper should be presented using a work processing program
-No handwritten papers will be accepted
Subject Content – 60 points
-Content of the paper should at a minimum include the following:
-history behind the antibody
-protocol using the antibody
-use in current day pathology practice
-pictures(micrographs) of antibody histology
-Points will be deducted for spelling errors
-Online research is encouraged using some of the medical search engines, antibody vendor’s webpages, and the GALILEO Database. Resources must be credible


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