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Histories of Architecture and Urbanism

(1) Choose an ancient building(s) in your hometown to answer questions 1 to question 11. (70 points)
1.    What era does this building belong to? Why are you so sure?
2.    Please describe the layout (architectural complex) or structure (single building) of the building(s).
3.    Is the building material locally sourced or transported from the outside? Prove what you say.
4.    What do you think is the highlight or feature of this building?
5.    What are the specific aspects of this building affected by local politics, economy and culture?
6.    Talk about its decorative features.
7.    What do you think are the deficiencies in the protection of this ancient building? How to improve?
8.    Please talk about the role of the protection of ancient buildings in tourism development and cultural heritage.
9.    How can modern public buildings learn from the forms of traditional buildings?
10.    Is there a chronology (division of history into periods) in your hometown? Why?
11.    Is the modern urban planning of your hometown reasonable? Talk briefly.

(2) Choose a famous architect in the history of architecture to analyze his architectural style. (Structure; Scale; Light; Materials and surfaces; Details; Proportions; Context; Social / cultural impact) (700words, 30points)


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