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Here is the test. Write your answers on a Word file and submit into Test 1 folder under Assignments.

Part 1 (50 marks)

Define and state significance for five (5) of the following terms. Each answer should be at least 3 FULL paragraphs in length.

Imagined Communities
Social Constructivism
Marxist Theory of International Relations
Suez Crisis of 1956
Cold War Historiography
Colonialism and Scientific Racism
Economic Hitmen
Cuban Missile Crisis and its Consequences
Globalization erodes state sovereignty. Yes or No? Discuss.

Part 2 (50 marks)

Answer the following two (2) questions. Each answer should be at least 5 FULL paragraphs in length – develop an argument

Which of the following theories (can be more than 1) of International Relations help explain and understand world politics since 1945 Realism, Liberalism, Marxism, Social Constructivism, Post-structuralism, Post Colonialism?
Discuss the creation of the post WWII international order and the way it intertwined with the process of decolonization.


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