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history (western civilization) women’s movement paper

Western women began to press for expanded rights and opportunities in an organized and systematic fashion in the nineteenth century. Referencing your textbook and the primary sources listed below, discuss the historical development of the Womans Movement in Europe and America from the nineteenth century through the end of W.W. I.  What were some of the primary changes that women sought: for which cultural/political/economic changes did they fight? How did they justify their demands? What tactics did they commonly use to gain their goals, and why did a minority of women activists by the turn of the twentieth century begin to use violent tactics to gain their ends? What arguments were most commonly used by those who were opposed to expanding womens options, rights, and opportunities? You must make sure to reference all of the sources listed below in your paper.

The paper should be 4 pages, double-spaced, and is due by 11:30 p.m. on 4/4. Submit the paper by clicking into the (pink) title of this box. The paper will be assessed based on the following considerations: content, accuracy of content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity and organization, specific evidence provided to support your interpretation/assessment of the work, and ability to focus on and answer the questions under consideration. .Please read the handout How to Write an A Paper, which can be found by clicking into the Assignments tab on our course website, before you begin work on the paper.


1) In the textbook, review chapters 23 and 24, as well as the following documents: The Struggle for the Right to Vote, by Emmeline Pankhurst, p.563, and Advice to Women, pp.539-540.

2)  Hearing of the Women Suffrage Association Before the House Committee, 1892 (U.S.)

3)  Towards Emancipation-French Union for Womens Suffrage

4)  Jane Addams on Suffrage, Letter to the Editor, New York Times, Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, March 19095) Cartoon (above) by John Hassell, 1912, for the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage, Britain

6) Declaration of Sentiments

7) Video: The Longest War: Women and Power, Part 3, available through the SCCC Library.  Go to the library website, click on Streaming Videos, click on Films on Demand, and then search for The Longest War.  View segments 4 and 5, entitled Womens National Anti-Suffrage League and Violence Towards Suffragettes.  Try this link:


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