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Homework question for philosophy class

Please read the attached file an introduction to philosophy pdf
Meta Ethics, pages 94-107 only and answer the following questions:
Only use the attached source to answer the question.
Review and Discussion Questions — Please answer, DISCUSS each question with at least a full paragraph worth of information. Your explanations should be thorough and complete.
1. What is the aim of normative ethical inquiry?
2. What is nihilism?
3. What is moral relativism?
4. Explain moral subjectivism as an individualized form of moral relativism.
5. What is Devine command theory?
6. What is moral realism?
7. How does metaethics differ from normative ethics?
8. Explain the challenge nihilism faces as a skeptical hypothesis.
9. How doe moral subjectivism and other varieties of moral relativism undermine reasoning about morality?
10.  Moral subjectivism makes each person infallible judges of morality relative to themselves. Why might we regard this as a problem?
11.  How does moral subjectivism along with other varieties of moral relativism undermine the idea of moral growth?


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