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How Does the Usage of Guns approved by the government Impact the United State citizens and public?

Please 100% follow the instructions. The thesis statement and the introduction has been finished in Word doc.  Please read professor’s comments and instructions carefully. There is an example about body paragraph to take a look.

Please read “png” screen shoot about research paper format instructions. And other  information are in this Word doc.

You cannot use more than 2 newspapers in this entire essay, so you will need to find evidence that is from academic sources

Please find at least 10 academic sources from GOOGLE Scholar like books or journal articles, and write Six body paragraphs.

1. 1.    Political rebellion

2. Criminal activities in the country
A). Illegal market
B). Usage in violent crimes such as robbery, murder, assault, rape

3.    Lack of public security
A). Unintentional shootings or easy access to solve issues
B). Schools lack of security of students

4.    Suicide rate


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