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HPV Vaccine, gardasil

Debate the use of the gardasil vaccine.

Read the article for pros and cons. Link (

Read the article discussion vaccinating just girls vs boys and girls Link (

Read the article about doctors in the U.S Link (

Take a stance on the gardasil vaccine use in the U.S.  Who should get the vaccine, girls?  or boys and girls? What is the risk of not vaccinating against HPV? Are their downsides to the vaccine? Consider can a vaccine  cure cancers transmitted via viral infection if they are already present?

Note: VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. No credit will be given for perpetuating this false claim.

If you need more information on the fraudulent paper and the disgraced former scientist who was paid to link vaccines to autism read this Link (

If you want to know how vaccines help with herd immunity and why previously eradicated diseases are making a comeback watch this.

You can always get up to date information on the CDC website to protect yourself!


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