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The purpose of the Functions of Human Resources paper is to look at the common components of human resources and the role of the component in the overall success of an organization. As a professional, even if you do not plan to work in a formal human resource role, you should have an awareness of these functions and how you might be able to impact the success of the organization by managing and leading of employees.

You will prepare a 2-3 double spaced page paper (not including, title page, references or appendices) following APA guidelines. This paper should exhibit some critical thinking on the part of the student. Each paper should be well organized and readable.

Answer the following points in your paper:

List and describe the major function of human resources.
Explain what major function you consider to be most important to the success of an organization.
Analyze and describe how non-human resource leaders contribute to the success of managing organizational employees.
Writing Requirements (APA Format):

Write 2-3 pages, not including the title page, reference page(s), and appendices.
Include an intro and summary to your paper.
1-inch margins
Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font.
Title page with the topic and the name of the student.
Reference page (minimum of 4 resources)


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